Hi there, it’s Karim Khan here. Welcome to the Brukner&Khan blog–where the plan is to provide value for clinicians in our field. And to listen to our community. There will be channels!

The blog will remain free–open access is something we believe in. Some stuff has a price of course. The brilliant artist Vicky Earle has to pay rent. Top teachers teach for a living. Enough chat. You get it.

Let’s get this blog soft launched after a 5-year hiatus. Some of you will recall the great courses run by Jo Gibson, Jill Cook, Alison Grimaldi and Jeremy Lewis in 2018. If you enjoyed those and want to be on the mailing list email @CSM4ed@gmail.com

Here’s a sneak peek for September 2024.

Lorimer Moseley in Vancouver, Canada.

You can register here

And there’s a rumour that Dr Alison Grimaldi will be in Vancouver  in October 2024. Come for the course, stay for (Canadian) Thanksgiving.

Best wishes to all!   k2



This event is brought to you in collaboration with the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute Australasia (Noigroup)