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Foreword to the first edition

Sport in Australia is ingrained in the national consciousness more widely, deeply and indelibly than almost anywhere else in the world. When a prominent sportsperson sustains a sporting injury, either traumatically or from overuse, becomes excessively fatigued, or fails to live up to expectations, this assumes national importance. It is even more relevant nowadays with greater individual participation in sporting activities. The same type of problems occur for recreational athletes, middle-aged people wanting to become fit, or older people wishing to sustain a higher level of activity in their later years.

In Clinical Sports Medicine the authors take sport and exercise medicine out of the realm of the elite athlete and place it fairly and squarely where it belongs-as a subspecialty to serve everyone in the community who wishes to be active.

The book is organised in a manner that is sensible and usable. The chapters are arranged according to the anatomical region of the symptom rather than diagnostic categories. This results in a very usable text for the sports physician, general/family practitioner, physiotherapist, masseur, or athletic trainer whose practice contains many active individuals.

Practical aspects of sports medicine are well covered-care of the sporting team and concerns that a clinician might have when travelling with a team. In all, this is an eminently usable text which is timely in its production and will find an important place among clinicians involved in the care of active individuals.

“A striking feature of Clinical Sports Medicine has always been the authors’ relentless commitment to ‘clinical’. This is a unique book.”

Dr Emma K Stokes, President, World Confederation for Physical Therapy


If you had told us 30 years ago that we would be into our 6th edition of the world’s best-selling sports medicine text, we would quite frankly have laughed at you. We had to be talked into writing that first edition, but eventually conceded that there was a real need for a good sports medicine text that was relevant to all the sports medicine professions – doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, podiatrists etc. Over the past 30 years, we have researched, written, debated and laughed away through five editions.

The first edition was a very practical manual to diagnose and manage common sports medicine conditions. We relied heavily on our fellow practitioners – doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and dietitians at Olympic Park Sports Medicine Cantre in Melbourne Australia, and produced a 600-page book with a red cover that invariably soon started to fall apart. The initial edition was successful beyond our (and the publisher’s) wildest dreams and as a result, we have been producing editions every five or so years ever since. We moved to colour in the third edition, and once we realised it was being used as a textbook started adding references to each chapter, initially just a few and now hundreds for each chapter.


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